Download Alien Swarm SP

Alien Swarm SP is available for download via the link below:


And here's more new levels to play through than you'll ever need!

Swarm Armory Map Database

Here's the contents of the Readme.txt

Alien Swarm SP by Aazell

Installation Instructions:

1: You must have an up to date version of Alien Swarm installed on Steam in order to play Alien Swarm SP

Extract the contents of AlienSwarmSP.rar to the following folder in your Steam directory.


Now restart Steam and you should see Alien Swarm SP available in your games library.

Launching a map in Alien Swarm SP:
From the main menu of Alien Swarm SP select Play AS:SP option and you should see the mission selection screen. All addon campaigns (if you have installed any and activated them) should be available within this screen also.

I have encountered no bugs (heh heh) as yet but if you do please send an e-mail to giving as much information as you can and I will attempt to investigate the problem.

Hope you have fun with it...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Beta 0.2 Almost Ready

We're in a fast development cycle over here at AS:SP. Beta 0.2 is compiling as I type this.

0.2 is a functionality update really. I've changed the main menu buttons, loading screen and background video so when you're playing AS:SP you know you're playing it and not regular Alien Swarm.
plaYer2K has worked his magic and taken my altered code and bundled it in with his better HUD mod.

Loading Screen

Main Menu

If you want to mod Alien Swarm you can't do better than start with the Hud mod. It's added so many more configurable elements therefore avoiding the need for coding.
I'll wait for him to announce what he's added but it really opens up the opportunities for changing the look and feel of the game menus etc..

We seem to have developed a rather odd partnership. I change code in my mod.. tell him what I've changed.. he then decides which elements he'd like to mod further and make it changable through a config file which then gets passed on to you guys through the Better Hud Mod. Everybody wins! :)

Anyway... hoping Beta 0.2 will be out later today... stay tuned!

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